Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Fix

Yesterday baby Noah came to spend the morning with us. Such fun!! He is growing up so fast and yet he weighs as much as a feather!! Seriously he probably weighs what mine do at 4months :)
We did a lot in the few hours he spent with us........................
Played on the fun "activity table"

He concocted naughty plans with Ari

He helped me out with the dishes(gotta start them young I say)

Then he had some lunch

He then found out that there are such things as dogs HIS SIZE and thought that was great!!! He is used to really really big doggies and this was a fun change for him:)

Then we picked Norah up from school but were early so we had to play in the playground and then to watch the bigger kids eat lunch(and have a bottle) at M&R's house and then home to meet up with mommy..............

Thanks so much for coming to play Noah, it was fun


K J and the kids said...

I'll send mine over ANY time :)

Janet's page said...

Ya but yours arn't baby's anymore;P