Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where do I begin.....................

It's been a long and busy week!!

Let me first say that I went out last week, really out and not to dinner or a movie and paid a sitter and went out!! I went to a concert and it ROCKED!!! Now I didn't really want to go, it was getting late and I was getting tired and not feeling like going out, actually would have loved to sit and chill with my kids and one of my best friends (the sitter) but am sooooo glad I went, it was such fun!!!!

We have fish baby's again. This is actually the 3rd batch of eggs they have laid. The first resulted in 2 lonely survivors, 1 of which we will keep and the 2nd, we really don't know what happened and the 3rd has resulted in about 30 baby's :-) You can see a huge difference in the parenting with this 3rd group from the first!!! We all arn't so different are we....We get better with each one ;)
** we have arrangements with a local fish store to buy the baby's from us on a regular basis once they get to the correct size**

Ohhhh and a friend gifted us with a Christmas tree this year, it's a fake one but it's perfect and I'm so excited to be able to put a tree up on Dec.1st if I want too..I do miss the real tree experience and smell but I wont be missing the watering and the needles...........So far the only draw back is........ The stupid cat, the stupid, loud, lazy, dumb as a rock cat that I really don't like(but is the daughter's WHOLE world) was caught this evening climbing up the darn thing!!!!!!!!!!! Did I say stupid cat!!!!!

Ohhh and did I mention that I've been dealing with a little man with the case of the diarrhea's since Monday every 30minutes if I was lucky the first 3-4days that brought on a MONSTER of a yeast infection the likes of which I've never seen(purple red people) (and there is still a brownish discoloration on 1 spot)!!! It's on the mend and it would seem that he has a temporary(from what I've read online) case of lactose intolerance that can take 2wks to fully clear up......
Lets just say we didn't leave the house unless we HAD too cuz you just didn't know when or how bad (blow out everywhere and scream from the pain) it would be......

This was the view of the "floor" of the concert

The awesome Christmas gift

The new "batch of baby's"

The 2 original baby's


K J and the kids said...

Triple paste. It's the best protection for those TERRIBLE diaper rashes. Sorry he's been sick.
Who did you see in concert ?
Glad you got out.

Why don't you keep the fish.

Janet's page said...

K, I had to go out and get a yeast cream and put that on then something like the triple paste on top of that with every diaper change.
We saw a group called Skillet and the drummer was a girl and blond and she ROCKED IT OUT!! Chris was impressed with how well she played.
The fish will have eggs every 4-5weeks and anywhere from the about 30+ to 300 and there's no way I can keep them all!!!! We have an aquarium in each room already................ The fish guru told us we may need to separate them and then just put them together every few months. Oh and it takes about 4months to get to the correct size to sell them....

Unknown said...

Good one on The Carpenter's Three - it helps a lot!

We clearly share similar parenting experiences and views.
I've been reading one that I'm hooked on -
I have a feeling you'd get a lot out of it.

Incredible job on your blog; keep it up.