Saturday, November 7, 2009


This is the best picture i can get. My camera it seems is quickly becoming out of date.
These pretty little guys are Kribensis Cichlid's. The male "Bernie" is in the front and the female "Wanda" is in the back with the very pretty purple belly... We have had this beautiful pair for just over a week and today I noticed that we now have eggs :-) Yeah!! they are on the other side of that black/grey rock.. They lay them on the underside if the rock and you can barely see them from the other side of the tank on the top looking down. Now we wait and anywhere from 3-8 days we should have baby's!!!!! So excited, we were told they probably wouldn't breed until they reached a more adult size, they are considered juvenile..
Chris just handed me a video of them, let me see if i can get it on here....

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