Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Such morning sweetness

So yesterday morning i thought I'd take a picture of each kid upon waking. Well it turns out that only Ari really likes me first thing in the morning and i have a sneaking suspicion that he would like whomever got him up because they would have the bottle.
It's official i have become the "soccer mom" as of 2pm Monday afternoon i am the owner of a mini van compliments of Nanna. Thank You Nanna for the nice ride!!! Turns out that i am lovin it.I no longer have to "plop" Ari into the middle of a back seat w/out looking. This thing has a door on both sides and Isaac LOVES that he get's to sit in the back!!!! Chris is in heaven too.
Such love young man

She probably would have smiled if I had asked

Yes he is the happiest of guys!

He only liked the blue part for a sec. Next i know he's chomping away on the handle get those teeth little man

Norah "helping" with breakfast this morning.

Oh and i got a sneak peak at our recent photo session this morning and omgosh they are going to be awesome!!!!! can't wait till next week when we get them.
I could let you all see too but no way you must wait!!!!

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