Thursday, September 11, 2008

1 hour

What could you do???? Me i transferred a sleeping baby to his bed. Fed a 3yr old lunch and while she was eating unloaded some groceries. Put said 3yr old down for a nap "no story today nap started to late". Give your new van a quick wash. Unload the dishwasher,load dishwasher. Wash bottles, clean up counters, stove. Pick up kid crap from floor in kitchen,dining,livingrooms, check email and somewhere in there eat a few slices of turkey and some pretzel sticks and bam like clockwork baby is calling for next feeding.That's what i can do in exactly 1hour!! The next hour: it's time to change cloths,(work cloths)get mail,get 3yr old up from nap go get big brother from school then pick up dad from work and be back home to go to work at 4pm.

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