Thursday, September 3, 2009

What did i do Wednesday you ask.... Well i played solo parent at a "welcome back to school" dinner at a big playground... Yes with all 3 different age/ability children... I spent 3hrs looking for my kids (cuz they have 3 different structures) among about 60kids!! My gosh was it fun for them and stressful for me.. I didn't get to socialize with any parents hardly bc of the whole solo thing and that was hard for me.. At one point NOrah tells me that she's not having fun and i told her "well you don't see me over there talking with all the parents do you, that's my fun time over there" That apparently made her feel better bc she took off to play some more.. Bout the time Ari found the sand volleyball court it was time to be going ;-)

Doesn't he look sooooo happy... That's my boy there!! Do you know how many pictures my mom has of me making similar faces :-)