Thursday, September 3, 2009


What do you do when your morning starts off REALLY bad.....You take the kids to another park and one we haven't been to before:) We met up with my friend Aimee and her little man Ben and had a wonderful time.... Then we had nap time and then we took Isaac to his first "friend sleep over" This is the first time that he has gone to a non-family members house for a sleep over and i can't help but (freak out)a little on the inside.. You just don't know people and it sucks!! But I'm sure he's having a ton of fun and all will be well and if not then i know he will call me and let me know :)
The miss was Ben's watcher for the morning:)
They were hugging arms went down camera flashed
Sweet great balance, she made it all the way across....
Isaac did the monkey bars for the first time from start to finish..AWESOME JOB buddy:)

The most amazingly quiet Ben


K J and the kids said...

That would freak me out too.
Lots of parents in our neighborhood choose to have late night playdates instead of actual sleeping at the houses.

Ok, not to FREAK you out...but to share a story.

I grew up with a friend. We would sleep at her house and I remember her dad (mom and dad divorced) would stalk the house. I thought he wasn't supposed to be there because her mom hated him. So she would threaten to call the cops and I think once they even came but he was always gone.
We were sleeping on the trampoline out back by the way.

ANY WAYS. This same dad showed up at a birthday party for this girl when her friend was 11 I think. Her mom wasn't home so he went in and took each girl back to a bedroom and molested them. I think there were 4-5 girls in all.
One was SUPER F-D up. The others all struggled but were never the same. OH WAIT. one was pregnant in high school. Who knows if she would have been other wise. No one knows.

I'm SOOOO lucky nothing happened to us. I can't BELIEVE that her mom would let us sleep outside knowing what kind of a preditor was lurking around. and I'm SUPER surprised that my mom didn't research the whole damn thing.

Janet's page said...

That wasn't at all needed K!! I'm having a hard enough time over here....
I have so many people in my life that are survivors of child abuse that any time something like this comes up i want to shout HELL NO!!!!!

but like my sister said you don't want to pass your issues onto your kids and he's old enough to be able to talk to me and call me if needed!! and we do kinda "know" them from school(which is small and private)soooo I guess I'll find out this afternoon how things went....................