Monday, August 3, 2009


I must start this post by giving props to Isaac, he is really something else.. He has cleaned up every mess this puppy has made in the house...even(the other night) when i watched for just a second as he gagged the entire time he cleaned it up!! I pretended not to notice so he would do it.
"mom i almost thru up"
He must stop playing whatever it is he is playing to have her ring the bell and take her out to potty.. and never once has he told me he doesn't want to do it anymore or that he wants her to be mine. Granted we are in the first week still but I'm very pleasantly surprised by him.. Way to go buddy!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd. thing is that we all (I mean me and the children) tried Tempeh today, i marinated it in bbq sauce and it was ok... after about 6 bites we didn't want any more but we are all open to trying it again marinated in something different....It's flavorless ya know and will take any flavor you put it in!!

MY KIDS ROCK!!!!!!!!!


Dusty/333 said...

Very proud of you Isaac!

K J and the kids said...

Do you mean tempeh ?

Isaac is a ROCKSTAR !

Janet's page said...

Ya that's what i ment..... somehow i knew you'd say that...not open to trying other non meat protein items......