Sunday, August 2, 2009


So i watched the news this morning(I'm not suppost to watch the news, nothing good comes of it)ANYWAY a woman is being interviewed.....why you ask............because she was contacted via email by a woman who just wanted to let her know that her son's picture was being used as a photo for a fake adoption site ON CRAIGSLIST!!!!!... She goes to this site and interested contacts the poster for more info and photo's and BAM her 7month old's picture comes up..........FREACKEN WHAT!!!!

she investigates further and apparently if you hold your cursor/arrow on the picture is show's that it was taken from her blog!! Imagine how you would react. So now I'm paranoid about posting anymore pictures and it SUCKS!!!

How do you suppose we go about securing this type of thing better i ask you?!?!?!?!?!


K J and the kids said...

Freaky I know.
This is my way of documenting their lives. I'm not letting some wacko who steals a picture of my child to scare me off.
if it does ever get to that. I'll go private.

Janet's page said...

See and I'm doing it for friends and family that we don't ever see to keep up with our lives...Get to know me better thru here......

Dusty/333 said...

I have 2 thoughts, you already kind of have a privacy setting somewhere don't you. It must only let people that you've invited to read it, see it. Isn't that why we have to type the funny word thing???? I remember when I set it up it asked who could see your blog. Just go back into settings and say, only people you let in.

2nd, even if it was your kids photo on the site for adoption.. It's not your kid or your information, right? Yeah, it's crazy to have that happen, but was the contact info for the adoption for that same womens house???