Saturday, September 13, 2008


So how are ya?? I sit here in a mostly empty house that was quiet a moment ago. Chris and the big kids went with grammie and Brad to dinner then to the bull riding rodeo thingie. I wanted to go too but didn't think sir Ari would like it so much. Didn't think about a sitter for him till to late. Anyway i don't think I'm gonna mind a nice quiet evening if only Ari would quit yellin at me....... The plan is to put a baby to bed, quick shower and i just might order one of those "chick flicks" Chris so loves watching with me. Here are some random pictures of the past day or so......I'm just now realizing that Isaac isn't in any, I'll have to work on that. Gotta go Ari is now screaming at me at my feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dusty/333 said...

You sure are good at keeping up with this thing women!!!!! I'm tired, I'm up late LATE almost every night last week! 0330 last night making posters.... I just can't get the gumption at the moment to blog, even though I have many things to say at the moment. Last week I left here 3 mornings in a row at 0800 and got home at 830pm. made a few trips home in between, but still!!!!

Dusty/333 said...

I just saw the notes you left Shalimar.... Isn't her blog name awesome!!! Did you know her new married name was Price? She probably doesn't even realize that your blog is up on mine, I'll tell her!