Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quick thought

So, i get these email's still from this place called babycenter. They send one each week to help you understand how your baby is growing inside and then once born about each weeks development... Well this last one was titled "your baby 5months week 2" and in it it talks about how sometime between 4-6months your baby should be able to go something like 4-7hrs straight at nighttime w/out a feeding and that you should slowly be able to wean at least 1 if not both nighttime feedings... At first i just couldn't stop laughing... Then i got real sad, i mean this is considered the norm!!! That's just what baby's do and i think of all the baby's that arn't getting adequate sleep(and moms)..Just because of how they have conditioned themselves.. Then i think about how Ari has been sleeping all night since 8wks and since somewhere around 12wks he has been sleeping just about 12hrs at night every night.... What a blessing!!!! I think more doctors and friends and moms should let new moms in on the apparently uncommon thing with the babywise book...... I believe in it 100% My first 2 i didn't have this awesome book and yeah they are great kids but they wern't nearly as genuinely happy all the time and predictable as this last one. If not for Erin i could be one of those mom's that's still getting up at least once a night and if i was i don't know where I'd be at this point! Not nearly as happy i can tell you that's for sure. Have a good night!

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