Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Just thought I'd share how very blessed i feel lately. I really am quite content with my life these days. Over the past year or so i have really learned how to slow down and prioritize my life. I have learned to actually just SIT and watch my children play and to enjoy it. Chris might say(with a smirk) that i have learned or that i am liking it to much bc of how the house is maintained but ya know i have always tried to have a spotless house with the laundry always done, kitchen always cleaned etc........and now those things just don't happen and I'm turning out to be a better person for it. I don't feel as high strung, or overwhelmed I'm actually taking the time to enjoy life, summer, time with my kids without always thinking i should be DOING something else. Man this mom thing rocks!!!!!! my kids rock, even when arguing, my husband rocks.(for the most part):) I'm really enjoying summer break and my house is trashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta go outside and enjoy the day.
Oh and right before i put Norah down for her nap I'm wiping her face from lunch and she says "mom, my face is getting soggy" This kid cracks me up as much as she drives me nuts.

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Dusty said...

Why doesn't Isaac like his shirt? Was he just pouting about something else? Ari's blanket thingy is awesome!!!! I LOVE THOSE CHAIRS!! Did you see it on Julie's facebook page? I want to not care about all the stuff I'm not doing just like you! Not going to happen though!! If I just for 2-3 days stop what I'm doing and play, my house goes to hell in a hand bag and you can't see floor or countertops any more. People can't even rinse the spitty toothpaste down the drain half the time. "Little people" that is. In fact, when I darn near kill myself trying to keep it picked up and organized it would at best, someone else's "poor" standard:) You do an awesome job blogging sis!!! Keep it up, it's a wonderful outlet for you and you have a talent! I just love that you have a camera that you use now. Norah was how old when you started taking pictures......poor Isaac had no photographed life for many years:)