Monday, August 4, 2008


This parenting stuff is seriously tuff sometimes..... Today began what i call "single parenting" Chris started working at another lab after work starting today for at least the next 3weeks. It's 8:40 and I'm sitting here all alone. Thankfully the kiddo's were some of the best behaved I've seen in awhile. Minus Norah spitting her lemonade all over Polo(that sent her to bed early). The day did seem to go by quickly(as every day does these days) but man am i whooped! Being a single parent of 3 little one's is way exhausting.... We'll see how long the kids last without seeing dad 3nights a week. Heck we'll see how long i last. He bugs the crap out of me but boy do i love him;)!!!!! I keep trying to post this pic i got the other day of Chris and Ari but it wont let me, Maybe I'll try once more before bed....

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